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    Baby care

    With the birth of each child mothers have many questions on the care of the newborn by month. And rightly so! After all, the child's health from the conception up to the age of reason is completely dependent on their parents. Being in your tummy, the child was under heavy guard placenta, which protects it from viruses and infections.

    Baby care

    Hygienic care of the newborn child - this is where should now start your day. After the first few months your baby will be an intense period of adaptation to the environment, and daily hygiene to help the child overcome his painful.


Husband has stayed

table, and there to collect them. Small dog Sun time

was next to us. How ponytail, she moved in

us at the sanatorium. Waiting until a large

dog uyd t, we returned to its original place and continued

talk and eat sandwiches, sometimes glancing at

parties and evaluating the safety of our walk.

Husband has stayed with me almost until lunch, then I had

spent a little before the release of the Sanatorium, and he nous liters

road right to the road, where they could catch a shuttle

bus or a ride to the city.

Frankly about childbirth

Miracles do happen

. . .

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And if in childhood

information from parents to children! I know a lot

when women gave birth from thieves (jailers), from

people with adverse mental and children raised

themselves (ie without fathers). It would seem that they are great hostess

hardworking woman, kind, caring, but his daughter

or sons grow their complete opposite. And

if in childhood and adolescence with them was somehow still possible

Frankly about childbirth

My thoughts

control, then he grew up, was not with them Slada. Miserably

becomes such mothers, which their own children

hate (it is clear from their behavior). They do not want to work,

drink, walk, addiction, bringing home first securities

. .

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Diarrhea in infants

Diarrhea in infants

The first sign of it is tearfulness, lack of appetite and anxiety, liquid stool, like porridge, contains mucus, stool more than 12 times per day. The main danger - the rapid development of dehydration. Its symptoms are:

with a b l o s t s b e p e n to a, c o n l and about with t s and l and l e t a r g and n, n and h l s l a b s d;

r l and r and w and r about to about to about t r s t s t o r y s t a t in th s l e s s;

g u b s s t a n o i t a i with x and y, and m and n a n d i s e and m and m and I, in o rt y n e t with n s u l;

to train on a m i g to and I, n e n t a i n t y and I, on p and s b y w t i s a l a d k and;

m e n e e d a y x m about to p u t e r n o n y s k o v in with y and t to;

m o h and t e m n and I, with with o m m n s s and n and x o m;

z and p and w and y r o d n h and about to;

T e m p e r a t u r a.

Call "ambulance" if an infant of any age, there are signs of dehydration.

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Many romantic stories

Fleeting and not very novel "on the side" - also the work of dopamine.

Dopamine, however, is not always triggered. We sometimes see a new person feel an interest in him, sometimes even sexy, but fading, if the interest is not fueled by new details of a person's character and mutual interest. A mutual love at first sight is not always.

But adrenaline may also whet love. It is a hormone that helps to survive danger. In addition, it generates a sense of attachment (not only love, but also friendly) to a person who is close to you in the period of danger. Many romantic stories in movies and books on a background of developing jointly experienced hazards.

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And when she wore

to pull even if long and hard to try.

Frankly about childbirth

Life with a clean slate






dishonorable: about it were even rumors that the post she

earned the "before". E untidiness also very rushed

in the eye. Home loved wearing nylon stockings.

How do I know? Yes Sun knew about it management: a cross-sectional e

black skirt very well be seen laced gum

b tight core. And when she wore nylon

tights, they were always sloppy protection (or front

or rear) thick seam curves. This seam may be

was specifically to demonstrate the e "solidarity" with

Retirement area that we serve?

The headmistress of our management has created its


structure "



employees. It was the fact that older and

main positions occupied girls and women with


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N r & b and s and t 1 n n and 7 d ays; about

n r & b and s and t 1 n n and 7 d ays;

about t n ervice otal d ays n e n a s t u p and w th e F o and d a m e of th m e n t r a y a t and about t n i t s 14 d ays and n r & b and s and t

274 d ays;

to d and t e n e r a otal w e a s e a n y n r & b and s and t I n s t a to y w e r i s e m and x with i ts f in (a to y w e r i s and th e m a i ts

n e r s in th

p e b e n o k, and l and I n t s with n on n on n in and of th and to y w e r i s and x m e c e i with a (154 d ays), with e and n e l e n p s d.

. . . . . .

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