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    Baby care

    With the birth of each child mothers have many questions on the care of the newborn by month. And rightly so! After all, the child's health from the conception up to the age of reason is completely dependent on their parents. Being in your tummy, the child was under heavy guard placenta, which protects it from viruses and infections.

    Baby care

    Hygienic care of the newborn child - this is where should now start your day. After the first few months your baby will be an intense period of adaptation to the environment, and daily hygiene to help the child overcome his painful.


To o ^ e - 200 m l. 2 - th s and t and p to: n and p o d with

to o ^ e - 200 m l.

2 - th s and t and p to:

n and p o d with about and u s e m - 100 g;

I used to l o o - 1 w t.;

h and d h e l e n d s - 200 m l.

O b e d:

with y n to y p and n th s with p and c o m - 250 m l;

p s b a s h a p e e n n and I - 200 g;

to a r t o f E L on t and p in n of th with s e l e n s m l y to about m - 200 g;

x l e b a n d b y s y n - 1 l o m m and k;

n e h e n s e with to about p and q e th - 2 w t.;

d g e m - 50 g;

n and with tons of th p l o d o in m and n of a H and a - 200 m l.

C o l d n and to:

b y l o h to a with to about p and q e th - 1 w t.;

. . .

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Twenty minutes

something! Hurt me! "Olesya slipped her hand esch times

crotch and said it was time to translate into a generic e .

"Get up and come with me," - said the midwife. She took

young woman giving birth to another room. Twenty minutes

came the cry of the child. I envied her then that she

gave birth to four hours after the bout appeared.

I knew the exact time, eleven o'clock twenty minutes

when she gave birth, as Sun this time standing in front of me

device on which shone electronic watch. Had better

they were not there, because it seemed to me that the future is

. .

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Feeling short of breath

and r n e r t o n and and and d and a b e t a ). N o r m a l s n o e y a l e and h e n e and m and with a s t e l a b e r e m e n s of th

e w n and n u s to about a n c y b e r e m e n t a n o and n e l d o w n o p r e w s in tin g to 15 g

M e d and a m e n t s o n o s e h e n e r and n t e r o n, and in about a p e m i b e r e m e n n o s t and l d o w n o

p r o in o d and t s i n a d o to o n t r o l e m a r a h a and t about l to about with and about l n o r a n e m b e r o p and s with n x

p r e p a r a t o c.

Feeling short of breath

In last weeks of pregnancy the growing fetus puts pressure on the diaphragm, so it becomes difficult to breathe. Simplification comes about a month before birth, when the baby's head descends to the entrance of the pelvis. Feeling short of breath can also be caused by anemia.

Yet it may be at the time of exercise, and sometimes when you are talking to.

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In course self

To first month

Appears distinct smile covering all face.

Appear first attempts echo ("a - a - a") adult, especially uttering the vowel sounds.

In course self waking all more coo.

Distinctly monitors for moving Toys on "Complex" trajectories.

Long hold in field of fixed toy.

First entertainment

This chapter was worth would call the chapter "First Impressions ". Because that these experience and yes most best entertainment. Every second, until baby awake, this world gives him themselves tiny revelations: chiaroscuro, easy movement, touch air and my mother's hands.

Learning the surrounding ... Scientists know much about that occurs with brain, organs feelings child in first month life, but no one from They more not smog describe, that same there occurs in region unexplored, but possibly much more important in area addition, as a kid perceives this the world? What in head, in addition to maturing neurons and transmission pulses is accomplished? As laid soul? What occurs in moments when your at all scientists standards, still quite silly, motionless, unblinking, wide open and quite reasonable eyes for a long time - long looks on that - that on the ceiling ... Sometimes even transiently this something smile. Or when the 3 - week child (son of my friend), being at grandmother, half an hour intently watched in angle the room? As it turned out, there 20 years hung old icon and passed only month with those since its removed ...


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Fathers of children

their offspring "obedient angels." Were medium

di them pliant and attentive kids, vstre

chalis as passive and not carried away. Someone

was the only child of parents, and someone

grew up in a large family, where none of the kids do not

was accustomed to the pot.

The educational level of the mothers was also

different from primary school to university.

Fathers of children working in different spheres: raznorabo

Chiyo, doctors, psychologists, teachers, priests, con

consultants, artists, etc. There were also unemployed

ITATION. Some families were incomplete, in other

Mother left children with babysitters, relatives

or neighbors. Attitude to the fact that the child is not

able to walk independently on the pot varirova

elk from simple curiosity to despair and disbelief

in that situation may change. Usually the father


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R and n t e r o n and h e of th i s b o l e s and n with

r and n t e r o n and h e of th i s b o l e s and n with h a s t m and s to p and s and m and m e w i l u t e a d o to x and a y e r d a, x p o n e and h i s o m

e n and l o n e o o l e t with r and n t e r e n e s and d and l and a s e t o m e and d, p and e l o n e o o l e t e d and n s t a n e n o n th ights to and and Dr.).

W a r a n e y e r n a t th e b e n s l o l and a m e s i x to p in n s o x r o d e s t a n s k o v (to and in th e sh with tons of p o n s and with about

with tons of p o n s m y f a) d e t e d with n a t o l o g i and m, y m e n t a n o and l and f and h and h e a k and n e n o l n o n c e n s x,

t of m e h and l and s l o and p in to r n e s s a c and d and w s b e l o n a d and e to p o in n o r o d e s t in n n s e b r a k, and

n and a corollary in t e n n e s s a b o l e a n i. At about z m F o n o, m and in and w e c a m m y y and y and m e t e s s m l with p h o l y t and s

. . . . .

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Husband has stayed

table, and there to collect them. Small dog Sun time

was next to us. How ponytail, she moved in

us at the sanatorium. Waiting until a large

dog uyd t, we returned to its original place and continued

talk and eat sandwiches, sometimes glancing at

parties and evaluating the safety of our walk.

Husband has stayed with me almost until lunch, then I had

spent a little before the release of the Sanatorium, and he nous liters

road right to the road, where they could catch a shuttle

bus or a ride to the city.

Frankly about childbirth

Miracles do happen

. . .

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